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that mean for our weekend? >> that's what we want to know. doug kammerer has the answer. doug? >> take a look at those shots there. just simply gorgeous out there once again. we saw a lot of cloud cover early this morning, even a little bit of light rain in some locations. but now we're seeing sunshine. and the temperatures are responding. 73 degrees with the winds out of the south at about 13 miles per hour. we're looking at a very nice afternoon right now. take a look at the numbers around the region. 72 in manassas. 76 in la plata. 78 down towards freds rickburg. to the north, a little bit cooler. hagerstown, 64. more clouds back to the north and west. nothing on the radar picture right now. notice this, here's the rain we saw last night. and here's the big storm back to the west. it still has not come through our area. so what is that going to mean for your saturday? you're going to want to stick around for this forecast. >>> the man accused of throwing a molotov cocktail inside ballston common mall has been charged now with arson. 29-year-old leon trail appeared in an arlington co
are starting to pop out. doug hill is here with the details. we are all over the place. >> just some heavy rain showers. the upper air disturbances. then the showers popped up and the clearing trend will resume later. take a buck off to the west, very interesting looking sky. you can see some of those heavier popped showers developing. through bethesda and the river farther south, some very heavy downpours. everything moving to the northeast. east of that area, it is clearing out. a disturbance tomorrow could give us some cloudiness but even though it will be clear this evening, will -- warmer temperatures are going to win over the next five days. all of that will dissipate. we will have a few clouds by morning. i think you will like the seven day forecast. we will have you that -- have that for you in a minute. >> see you then. new developments tonight in the firebombing. the suspect appeared in federal court today, leon traille s judge but said nothing after throwing a molotov cocktail into the food court yesterday. greta kreuz is in the courtroom with the latest. >> first of all, everything
today. but not everybody's done with it just yet. storm 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here with that. >> yeah, it's funny, pat, because when we say most of the rain has moved out, most of the area. if you take 100% of the area right now, probably 90% of it is dry. but the 10% that has the rain is about 90% of where the people live. you can see where the rain is coming through downtown right now. also coming through many areas of montgomery county, fairfax county, getting hit hard by this rain. also down towards prince william county. you can see exactly what i'm talking about as we zoom on in here. right around olney, georgia avenue, towards aspen hill and 28 here on the intercounty connector, all seeing fairly heavy rain. as we move to the south, in through fairfax county, george washington memorial parkway, around mclean and tyson's corner, all seeing that heavy rain. and coming into the district and down to the south, some heavy rain along i-95. this is between lorton, franconia and around springfield. this will affect the rush hour tonight along the beltway, from i-95 a
, new hampshire and of course ohio. melissa: doug. gerri: doug i was surprised to see what was going on in ohio. "fox news oll". ahead i cannot see that far. this is the state that romney has to take. >> certainly. there is a clear tightening after the debates. implore data are you seeing the senate race tighten as well? with you start to see that with the top of the ticket then you have real momentum. up until now it is a very tight political race without clear evidence one way or another. gerri: the president makes his sixth appearance calling the death of americans not optimal. >> if more americans get killed in is not optimal. >> he did not include the question he said it is not exactly optimal. but for him to use that word in a response? [laughter] i am not a foreign policy expert but the politics is the president has taken bertrand also owed to a quiet romney to task to politicizing the issue from practically before happened to get it wrong. gerri: many people would like to debate you on that topic. fox says they have 60 documents from the state department. with the three page
of the tigers. doug fister. talk about a 1-2 punch, whoever wins here will have to face in the world series. starting next wednesday. >> joe: the 0-1 to molina. that is low. affeldt the left-hander getting loose. david freese on deck. then descalso. >> tim: clayton kershaw, the dodgers with an excellent curveball. we have seen one of the best we've seen all year tonight out of adam wainwright. >> joe: trevor rosenthal is getting loose. coming in to pitch in the eighth. 2-1. a lot of pitchers and pitching coaches went away from the curveball for a while because they didn't think they could get it called a strike. you mention some great guys with great pitchers with tremendous curveballs. >> tim: over the top curves. >> joe: here is the 2-1 from mota. slow. the count 3-1. hole can't get any deeper for the giants who already trail by five. and will have to make a comeback if they are going to do it against the cardinal bullpen, which has been fantastic. >> joe: 3-1. hard hit. base hit. fair. past third. on the way down in to the corner. craig will round third and score. on an rbi double by yad
with warmer temperatures next week. doug will be back with a look at the weekend for you. abc world news is coming up. >> have a good night. president obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... thissa message. anncr: victims. dependent. that's what mitt romney called forty-seven percent... of americans. including pele on medicacare. but what about his plan for you? romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. a plan aarp says would undermine medicare. you're no earned your benefits. don't let mitt romney take them away. would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at all. in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me, but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. marywe invest in th
, doug. a big scare at a shopping mall after a man allegedly threw a cocktail inside the boston common mall. reaction from witnesses. >> reporter: tonight arlington police and the fbi are trying to determine a motive. this happened during the busy lunch hour. this video you're seeing only on news 4 shows arlington police taking a man into custody near the courthouse. someone called police saying he smelled like gasoline. he is suspected of throwing a cocktail inside the boston common mall. >> i was going down the escalator and all of the sudden glass just splattered all over town in the food court. >> about five minutes after that i saw police and bomb sniffing dogs. >> police evacuated the mall for more than five hours. >> a search was don for more devices. >> federal agents called in to sweep the area and found three more bottles near where the suspect dropped the first one. >> it was a device used in the commission of a violent crime. we're going to qualify it for what it is and charge them with possession and intent to use. >> no one was hurt. the fbi does not believe he is connect
are on storm watch right now. many of you may have heard some thunder out there. let's get right to it. doug hill is standing by. >> it has been kind of right now, in arlington, 63 degrees. a lot of lightning flashes. they have been out there all evening, but slowly moving eastward. th are in frederick county. severe thunderstorm warnings until 11:34 frederick county. that threat is diminishing right now out in washington county. there will be more chances the next few hours for showers and storms. we expect most of them to be garden variety. the rainfall totals are impressive. the good news is, it will taper off overnight. >> we have several developments in the big story we mentioned at the top. the prince george's county police department is in morning to night after losing one of their own. police are talking about the crash and officer kevin bowden. >> we were over the scene where it happened in clinton. we were first on the scene of this crash. >> the accident reconstruction team has wrapped up its work at this intersection. investigators spent hours going over the same piece by piece.
night. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: it may have had all the appearances of a high dollar fundraiser, but it's not often you see both mitt romney and the president working over the same room or saying things like this -- >> i had a lot more energy in our second debate. i was really rested after the long nap i had in the first debate. >> i've already seen early reports from tonight's dinner. headline, obama embraced by catholics. romney dines with rich people. >> reporter: all of this to raise about $5 million for catholic charities. the dinner has become an election year tradition and the two headliners really delivered, setting aside the noise of hundreds of millions of dollars of largely negative ads that are barraging swing states now. lighter moments can play big. president obama also sought out young voters with an appearance on john stewart's daily show yesterday, and ann romney courted women voters on "the view." last night's brief moments of peace may have been brokered by cardinal timothy dolan, they'll are be short lived. monday's debate won't be so pleasant. >>
have doug talking about strategic misjudgments, sort of doug's middle game name. >> that's a long middle name. >> it's wordy but he can fairly tie him into this whole crew that's basically his same foreign policy advisers, right? >> he can. and we will talk a little -- in a second about the president's foreign policy. melissa, in terms of how the debate has played out this week, after the first debate it was, you know, self- -- the president's self-emulated, romney won hands down. a collective sense that the president had done significantly better, maybe not the rolled down gates pulled down over the romney gates many hoped. peggy noonan writes that -- what do you make of that? is the president not winning the post-debate week? >> he's president. so that means that his role as the president, as the person actually governing, is always going to overshadow sort of whether it's the playfulness of the al smith dinner or the performative aspects of the debate. let me be clear i think that's good. you know, maybe it's not good at this particular moment for this particular campaign, but
now. parts of our area are seeing very heavy rain. storm tm 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer has the scoop. >> that's really a great shot right there. you can see the sun coming through and underneath some of those clouds. we are dealing with some very heavy rain, some lightning and also some small hail, too. a lot of people saying they're looking at rain bows out there. it is getting a little on the pretty side. where it's not pretty, right along 95, columbia pike, savage, maryland, towards laurel, very heavy rain in and around this area. and down towards college park seeing that rain continuing. back to the west just to the north of olney, seeing that rain. montgomery county. we'll zoom in to northeast d.c., you can see just to the east of 16 here, right along route 50 as you're heading to the beltway and around college park and green belt, some of that very heavy rain. down to the south, another area of rain has developed right along the potomac river through woodbridge and quantico, and just to the north of nangemoy. if you're going to be out, say, right around i-95 or east i
facilities." the ceo of hmx group, doug williams, tells first business the company is committed to remaining in america, saying, "it's the intent of the company and management to do everying possible to retain its u.s. workers and factories." williams went on to praise workers and says hmx has a great relationship with the union. according to reports, several buyers are interested in acquiring the company, but the union is quick to assert that any buyer who only purchases the iconic name and sends the actual manufacturing overseas will face a global boycott. strong economic data out of china could provide some opportunity for investors. china's gdp rose to 7.4% in the third quarter, reducing concerns of futher slowdowns in the world's second largest economy. trader mark sebastian of option pit mentoring tells first business china's data is sending postive signals to investors. "as long as china has a soft landing and europe and north america continue to get their footing back together that is not such a terrible thing. yes, maybe china is flattening out, but if china's slowdown is flattening
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. doug mckelway is live at the white house with more on this. doug, we actually had a reporter from new hampshire this week say he really saw happen in the state of new hampshire. democrats really focusing on social issues. how is this turn working for the obama campaign? >> reporter: well, jenna, face it, the number one issue facing americans is the economy, but that is an issue upon which the president is very, very vulnerable. that is the reason, many analysts say, that the obama campaign is now turning to these social issues, and key among them, of course, is the so-called war on women. a linchpin of the so of called war on women is the right to abortion. it's one of the reasons that at that campaign rally at george may john university in suburban virginia, he has chosen to introduce him cecile richards of planned parenthood, and it is no coincidence she is also being featured in a new web ad released by the campaign today. here's a little bit of that. >> since day one president obama has stood with women. the very first bill he signed was the lily ledbetter fair pay act allowing us
correspondent for the "washington examiner". doug holtz-eakin, american
not think the romney camp has figured on a way to get behind that yet. host: doug in boston, massachusetts is a democrat. caller: romney seems enthusiastic about going into iran with the israelis, however is a war crime without a chapter 7 resolution. george bush was recently advised not to travel to switzerland because of the laws of jurisdiction. guest: it would be an interesting question to hear responses from. i would point out it is not always a violation of international law to invade or attack a company without a chapter 7 resolution. there is the universal right of self-defense, but i remind the caller that if one country in invades the other, while that might not be legal, the country that is fighting back is not in violation of anything. host: matthew lee, you recently wrote a piece, "why it matters to israel to tell -- why it matters -- israel." how was this playing out. guest: i think mitt romney will try to expand on the idea that he brought up in the last debate, that president obama has tried to put distance between the united states and israel. it is indisputable that there
behind that and speak about it confidently. host: good morning, doug. caller: romney seems more enthusiastic about bombing iran under the behest of the israelis. it is a war crime to do that without a united nations security council chapter 7 resolution, and george bush was recently advised not to travel to switzerland because of the laws of universal jurisdiction. i would like to see this question asked at the debate. guest: it would be an interesting question to hear the responses. i would point out that it is not always a violation of international law to invade or attack a country without a chapter 7 resolution. there is the universal right of self-defense. i would remind the caller that if one country invaded at wor -- it's another, that may be illegal, but the country fighting back is not in violation of anything. host: matthew lee, you recently wrote a piece about how the countries are eager to show close ties with israel. do you expect this to be a big topic on monday night? guest: i think that mitt romney will try to expand on this idea that he brought up in the clip yo
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)